Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Mount Calvary Cemetery?

Are all cemeteries consecrated ground ?

All cemeteries and burial places are meant to be places of reverence. In a unique way, the Catholic Church sets aside in perpetuity and consecrates Catholic cemeteries and mausoleums. Mount Calvary Cemetery is considered an extension of the parish church, and like a parish church, is consecrated by the Bishop. Mount Calvary Cemetery is to a prayerful place, a permanent memorial for those who have died.

Don't all cemeteries provide for prayers for the deceased buried there?
Secular cemeteries may permit individual religious services at the time of burial. A unique feature of Mount Calvary Cemetery is that, in addition to the actual service of burial, Mass is offered on a regular basis for all those buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum.Mass is celebrated at Mount Calvary Cemetery on Memorial Day, on every second Saturday of the month and on the Feasts of All Souls, all are invited to participate.

Can former Catholics and non-practicing Catholics be buried in a Catholic cemetery ?
Reconciliation is the hope of the Church even in death. A former Catholic already having a plot in a Catholic cemetery may he buried there as long as there is no public scandal or controversy involved. An inactive or non-practicing Catholic may be buried in a Catholic cemetery with the same caution regarding scandal or controversy.

Is there a fee to maintain grave sites ?

Mount Calvary Cemetery is maintained in perpetuity at no charge. Once a burial site has been paid for, there are never any future fees for maintaining the grave.

Does Mount Calvary Cemetery keep accurate records.

Mount Calvary Cemetery have always had expert record keeping. Records dating back 125 years are kept at the cemetery offices and are updated daily.We use the most modern cemetery management software.

Do I have to pay upfront for my loved ones burial?
30 day payment policy for those who buy burial lots or mausoleum crypts at Mount Calvary Cemetery in an at-need situation. If, for some reason, the payment will be late, an acceptable timetable will be negotiated. Some commercial cemeteries require payment in full before they proceed with burial. We've never refused anyone for the lack of funds.

Does Mount Calvary Cemetery bury the poor?

Mount Calvary Cemetery has a long tradition of taking care of the communities less fortunate and will never refuse a burial for lack of funds. It has been a long standing policy of Mount Calvary Cemetery to bury those without the funds needed for burial.

Do you have buy the outer burial container, bronze memorial etc. from Mount Calvary ?

People are free to purchase headstones, vaults from any supplier of their choosing. Inscriptions and decoration of headstones need to comply with the policies established by Mount Calvary Cemetery. Mount Calvary Cemetery does, however, offer our families outer burial container and bronze memorials . These products are of the highest quality and offered at an excellent price.

Does Mount Calvary Cemetery offer counseling or pre-need planning?
Mount Calvary has an experienced, caring staff to help people deal with grief and spiritual questions and offers expert assistance in choosing burial sites and mausoleum crypts. In addition, the cemetery can provide both At-Need assistance (for a death that has already occurred) and Pre-Need planning. Pre-need planning is encouraged to all families to ease the burden on families at the death of a loved one.

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