Pre-Need Program

It is necessary to make burial arrangements only once in a lifetime. Today many families are making prearrangements. They share this decision in much the same way as other important family decisions are made.

There is a great deal of difference between making burial arrangements now as opposed to waiting until the time of need. Advanced planning can enable family members to reserve sufficient space to be buried close together and it can safeguard against future price increases. Advanced planning can be budgeted over a reasonable period of time, and can alleviate decisions made in haste under intense emotional stress. For you and for those you love, making arrangements beforehand provides the opportunity needed to give careful thought and proper consideration to your family’s burial needs.

Just as death is inevitable, so is the need for a place of burial. If one finds it difficult to consider these matters now, think of how difficult these same decisions would be at a time when such considerations can no longer be postponed. If the death of a loved one or thoughts of your own immortality have prompted you to consider these matters, please call Mount Calvary Cemetery and speak to one of our experienced counselors. We are here to assist you and your family in these important decisions.

Think about it!
There are only two ways to make cemetery arrangements:
Together – Before the Need
· All family members contribute to the decision- no grief, emotion, or sense of urgency involved.
· Widest selection of sites and ability to locate as a family is insured.
· Current prices and the time available to consider the options
· Monthly payments which may be made out of current income.
Alone – At the Time of a Death
· Survivor decides ALONE, trying to do what is right, but in a grief stricken, confused, emotional state of mind.
· There is a more limited selection due to the ongoing sale of spaces over the years.
· Inflation-increased prices, and a MUST BE MADE NOW DECISION!
· Cash or short term financing out of limited funds with an uncertain financial future.
· The many decisions and arrangements which must be made restrict the time available for family.
Which way makes more sense to you?
Today we have a choice – Tomorrow, we may not.
A Gift to the Living from the Living

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